Zulu - How to dial a number + extension

Is there a way for Zulu to dial a number plus an extension? Something of the format (999) 999-9999 ext 123. Using the tel: URL we are able to get a cell phone to dial a number plus an extension tel: 19998881234;ext=123.

Also is there a way to get the Chrome Zulu extension to recognize the phone number extension?

How would you do this with freepbx itself?

I don’t know. Are you telling me it can’t be done or that I need to go figure this out for myself?

Saw this on the Zulu guides:

Maybe give it a try?

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the X in the Zulu “Originate Call” app and it gives me the error “Please enter a valid number”. It appears that it will not accept alpha characters. I am not using Outlook so I can’t try it there.

I don’t have the client so I cannot test, but perhaps a comma or w might work?

There is no way to do what you want in freepbx or Zulu.

Thank you for the information.

Sorry, I know nothing about Zulu, but believe that with a little customization you can get the desired behavior.

For example, if you define a trunk and set:
Asterisk Trunk Dial Options: D(wwww9855#)
then when an outbound call is answered, Asterisk will wait a few seconds then send DTMF for 9855#, before connecting the caller.

In your case, the DTMF sent needs to be dynamically selected, so you’ll likely need to define a custom trunk. If the number to be called is in a country with fixed-length numbers (such as your US example), then your custom trunk could send any ‘excess’ digits as DTMF.

For example, in Zulu the number might be 192088681304002. Your custom dialplan would send the first 11 digits (19208868130) as the called number and the remaining digits (4002) as DTMF. (It should check for the case of no extension to avoid an unnecessary delay.)

If Zulu permits and ignores formatting characters such as ‘-’, the contact could be written as 19208868130-4002, which would be easier for a human to parse.

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