Zulu firewall issue

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Okay so I have a bit of a weird one.

Working on a FreePBX/PBXact system and was having problems with UC dialing and Zulu dialing. Zulu just says connecting whenever you try to make or receive call.

On another post a user had suggested enabling stun, which I did and for a short while I thought it was resolved. Then it started having issues again.

To preface, I have the server behind a pfSense firewall and both the Zulu port (default secure port, sorry not in front of my pc) and UDP 10000:20000 are forwarded through to PBX. I have SIP allowed through for local and internet through firewall.

As a test I added a network for the ip of my phone on Verizon and it started working. I think this is telling me somehow RTP is not being allowed through the freepbx firewall. I removed it, it stopped working.

I added a rule to allow custom port 10000:20000 udp through on internet and local and for a short time it worked. I called another location ans got voicemail.

After a bit it seemed like this quit too. I restarted ‘fwconsole firewall restart’ and working again

So how do you ensure 10000:20000 is open to all, unabated and permanently?


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Are you using responsive firewall vs. the standard FreePBX firewall?


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The freePBX/PBXact box it is using I believe the responsive firewall. Here are a couple screenshots of config. I have “other” in use for what I intend to be a SIP trunk to the ISP - so I only want SIP & RTP open to them. (Clarification: It is a private VLAN they setup, so not open to public internet traffic in anyway)

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