Zulu Desktop - Softphone is not an option

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Through looking at other posts, I looked at the zulu_err.log and I see why it’s failing:

2021-07-19 12:45 -06:00: ^[[31m[2021-7-19 12:45:01.748] [ERROR] console - ^[[39mError authenticating client websocket {“message”:“Invalid credentials”,“stack”:"Error: Invalid credentials\n at (anonymous function).(anonymous function) (/var/www/html/admin/modules/zulu/node/index.js:1:79121)\n at tryCatcher (/v$

But how do I fix this? I have deleted and recreated everything about the extension and yet I am still stuck with this error and it won’t show the Softphone - Anybody else fix this and know what to do with it?

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Ok - In case anybody has this same problem, in looking through the MySQL tables, I finally found the problem in the asterisk:userman_users_settings table - so the trick is not to delete the Extension (or Zulu or Sangoma Connect) - delete the USER and then re-create it and you are golden.

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