Zulu Desktop on macOS creating lots of AORs

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(Jared Busch) #1

These two users are in the same office, on new M1 MacBook Air laptops, wired network via USB-C ethernet adapter.

User 426 is is always like this.
User 424 is usually just a single good AOR or 1 or 2 “Unavail”

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

I’ve seen this before with non-webrtc clients when there was a misbehaving nat router at the client side, where each SIP re-registration appeared to come from a different port and showed up as a new registration. I have no idea how such a thing might affect webrtc tho.

You might be able to band aid this by editing the zulu device 90426, and cutting max contacts down to a reasonable number. That assumes that the calls otherwise work as expected.

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