Zulu desktop memory / RAM usage

We grabbed a couple of the Zulu licenses to try and check it out the other day. Our first look says it’s a bit basic, but admittedly we need to read the doc a bit more. We can see where it’s headed and like that.

A big concern is the zulu.exe (version 2.0.0) is gobbling up anywhere between 5GB and 11GB of RAM at times - slows down the PC it is running on horribly (of course).

Is there an adjustment or configuration setting to avoid this? We tried looking at some links to bug reports I found in the forum but even after logging in we don’t have authority to see the bug reports.

Thank you.

5GB and 11GB of RAM? You sure about that number?

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Yep, I should have grabbed a screen shot before uninstalling on that PC - but I’m positive (I know: famous last works for tech).

I checked task manager several times and it was reporting between 5,000,000 and 11,000,000+ Kb in the column “Memory (private working set)”.

I’ll try and re-install when things quieten down, but the user was not a happy camper at the time.

We have not seen this in production nor heard anything of the sort from our user base. Zulu bugs are hidden from other users who are not the reporter. This is intended.

@rnmixon If you could try to get us a screenshot as well as a better idea of the environment (operating system, version, specs of the computer) you have the client running in, it’d be helpful as like @tm1000 said we haven’t see this in our testing and internal use of Zulu. So the more information you can gather when you try to reinstall it, the better.

OK - I was albe to re-install no the same PC and caught it this morning at 8+ GB of RAM. Including a screenshot from task manager and also a screenshot of the PC info it is running on.

Let me know if you need more info.

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Last week when we checked this with several people it averaged about 150mb. Nothing more for anyone. It’s hard to figure out what would or could be causing your extreme memory usage.

Try killing the process that it 8GB and see what Zulu does.

I killed the large Zulu process, but it seemed to restart immediately. About 7 hours later it is quite large again - but it seems to bounce around a good bit.

I’m attaching another screenshot from task manager, but it truncates the command lines so I am also attaching a CSV/Excel file with the process details on each of the four zulu.exe processes. I had to add a “jpg.tgz” extension to the end to get it to upload - just remove the ending “.jpg.tgz”.

Hope that helps a bit.

ccc_zulu_#2_ram_processes.jpg.tgz (7.3 KB)

@rnmixon I wasn’t able to open the attached file here but I’m gonna see if we can add an easy way for you to submit logs to help us track this down. In the meantime, can you please open a ticket under the ZULU project at issues.freepbx.org so that we can keep track of this.

@rnmixon We have a new build coming out within the next few weeks that has some additional logging ability which should help us track down the memory issue you are experiencing.