Zulu Desktop Client stops after 3 times ringing when calling Zulu

when I make a call to an extension with only Zulu client registered from a Zulu client it rings three times, then it stops - on both sides.
When I make a call to an extension with Zulu and a hardware device registered also, after three rings it stops ringing on Zulu client - not on hardware device and not in my calling Zulu client.
When I make a call to an extension with both Zulu and hardware from a hardware device, then Zulu recipient stops after 3 rings, hardware devices keep ringing.

I cannot find any hint in any log for this behaviour. In this way it is not usable for us to use Zulu as Client for home office, because you have to be very quick to catch a call till it is gone after three rings.

Does anyone encounter same problem? Is there any hint to get around this?
I tried with Linux and Windows Client, stable Version 3.2, 3.4 and alpha 3.4.1 also - same thing on all clients. I also didn’t find any configuration issue which could be the cause.


Regards, oli

Hi @oli170 ,

This sound like an issue where you will have to contact support.


So I have to buy paid support?

if you’ve purchased the license for zulu support is included as long as the maintenance is up to date - you would open the ticket in the commercial module category

We have an actual PBXact license including Zulu.
So where can I open the ticket, at https://support.sangoma.com?
There I need credits to open a ticket. But my 30 credits from Gold Support are already gone due to a single question… :frowning:


thats it , ill pm you my contact info , if you have any issues let me know

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