Zulu Desktop Client Ringtones

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is there any way to change the ringtone for inbound calls in the Zulu desktop client to a custome one. The default ones sound like an outgoing call. There is no music or melody available. I know the question sounds a little bit silly but maybe someone has an answer for that.
Also, is the Zulu desktop client still maintained? The last version is 2 years old and i am little bit worried that the client may be deprecated in the near future. I was going to purchase 20 new licenses because I really like the software overall.

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Got my questions answered on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/freepbx/comments/vcx6yz/zulu_desktop_client_ringtones_zulu_deprecated/).

No, it is not possible to change the inbound ringtone. The Zulu desktop client is also deprecated. There is a new Sangoma Phone App for the desktop. It is currently in the open beta.

I believe Zulu is still maintained as we had a couple of instances where Zulu wasn’t working properly and it was resolved with the most recent stable update. There were errors in the log file and incoming calls to Zulu were failing. Someone else might be able to give more details on that.

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