Zulu Desktop - Call History Wrong


we have some issues with the call history in the Zulu desktop app in conjunction with our ring group. We have a ring group for our support hotline. Incoming calls to that group are getting the prefix “Support:”. So when someone calls it looks like this “Support: 01234 5678” or this “Support: John Doe” if the number is in our contact list.
But sometimes when someone does not call the ring group and calls the user extension directly the prefix “Support:” is add to this call in the call history anyway. For example the call on the screenshot with the red circle and the number 1 was a direct call to my extension - not the ring group.
Then we have another issue that sometimes in the call history only the prefix is saved (number 2).
And the last and biggest problem is when someone answers the call for a ring group the call is shown as missed on all the other clients in the ring group.

All these issues are not on my deskphone. So it have to be a problem with Zulu. Is there a solution for that?

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