Zulu Desktop App Ring group call history and voicemail

I have a PBxact UC 40 system. I have different voicemail boxes. on UCP I can show the different mailboxes and listen to the voicemail for different extensions or virtual mailboxes. I can see call history for different extensions.

With the Zulu app, I want the user to be able to see Call history for the ring group.
I also want to allow access to all voicemails via the zulu app for select users.

Just like I can set each extension’s voicemail box for UCP, I want to do that for Zulu.

I dont know if this exists, or there is a better way to have different staff view the same call history and voicemail through zulu. Thanks, Vincent

Hi @skitterlad !
Unfortunately that’s not possible with Zulu, Zulu can see Call History and Voicemails for a single extension.

How should I configure ring groups so that on Zulu the ring group call history will show up?

I have 20 desk phones range 4000-4019, I added all the extensions 4000->4039 to the ring group. All the real phones ring. Zulu isn’t ringing for an extension that doesn’t have a real phone ex. 4032. I can place a call with zulu for 4032. I can add the virtual voicemail box 6000 to be seen in zulu for extension 4032.

Also the “Default call device” can be softphone when there is a physical phone at that extension. But when I have an extension that I don’t have a physical phone attached, It defaults to desktop phone automatically, and it won’t show incoming call popup.

Zulu does allow you with one app, log into many different extensions. This has helped. But Im having an issue with zulu not ringing right away on an incoming call. An extension will ring in zulu right away when called.

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