Zulu desktop App doesn't show second line of SMS text

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Hello everyone, I have had Zulu configured for SMS texting for a while now and it works pretty well except for one thing. When someone send a SMS text message to our number and they only use a single line of text, the message comes through just fine in the ZULU app. But if they type a message and hit enter on their phone to create a second or third line of text in there text message, only the the first line of text before the hit enter shows up in the ZULU app. The additional lines of text doesn’t show up at all, the additional lines of text seems to get dropped all together. So I was wondering if this was normal or did I miss something when I was setting up Zulu. Like I said we’ve been running ZULU for a while now but this is something I’d like to get figured out because we’re relying on texting a lot more now.

Any help from you guys in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated… Thanks :slight_smile:

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