Zulu, delayed ringing in larger queues

We noticed that it takes longer before the Zulu clients start ringing when we use it in combination with queues with more than 10 agents.
It will only start ringing after a deskphone rang 4 times. (this delay is consistent)
When used in a queue with only 1 agent for example the delay is shorter (but still there).
When calling directly there is almost no delay.
Is this a known issue/limitation?

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This might be a good time to split your effort on this.

If it is a bug (wouldn’t be the first time), you should probably submit an Issues Ticket to get some visibility on the commercial (Zulu) side.

On this side, you might want to share your queue config - what you are seeing may be a “feature” of queues, If that’s the case, you’re seeing it on Zulu but it might be something in queue processing (like ring management) that we can help with.

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