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Zulu contact managing

(Fetus) #1


Im’ trying zulu uc 3 and I can’t get contacta working.

I can’t see any contact saved in freepbx pannel. Is there any way to have a contact directory for all users?


(Tony Lewis) #2

Zulu pulls contacts from contact manager in FreePBX. You need to setup contacts in FreePBX and than share those thru user manager.

(Fetus) #3

OK, I see.

But… is it allowed to manage contacts from zulu? Can I add a new contact from hystory?


(Tony Lewis) #4

At this time you can not add contacts from Zulu. Only from FreePBX admin GUI.

(Fetus) #5

I tried contact manager module, but new contacts does not appear on Zulu. Daos it refresh data anywhen? How often?


(Tony Lewis) #6

On login to Zulu it pulls those.