Zulu Connectivity

I’m trying to get the 2 free Zulu licenses up and running in trial to expand. (We’re looking at Connectwise Manage into CRM with Zulu for screen pops and customer identification on call-in.)

Anyways… things I’ve done:

  • Installed Zulu 3 server according to the WIKI (CLI: fwconsole ma downloadinstall zulu)
  • Made sure that I have ports 8089 & 8002 open (this is an instance in AWS behind an Untangle router)
  • Switched us to Asterisk 16 (couldn’t get 13 to update past 13.22 - not sure why)
  • Enabled Zulu for my extension/installed desktop app

I’m able to open the app/log in, but the app then is sort of ‘blank’ - no Voicemails listed, no call history listed, and if I try to make a call (to *43 echo test or external), the call progresses on the system, but then the Zulu app indicates ‘connectivity issues’ and drops. I also get no screen pop on incoming calls.

For the record, I have already opened a commercial module support ticket, but I know there’s a strong community here that I thought I’d ask.

Happy to provide any requested logs, further details, etc.

I can say this: upon looking at the local logs of the Zulu app, I see the private IP of the PBX server, which is somewhat concerning. However, the log is unfamiliar to me and I’m not sure if it matters.


We are having a similar issue with connectivity issues. Any insight is much appreciated!!

I improved things for the most part by putting in an ICE Candidate into my SIP settings (detailed in the Wiki article on troubleshooting no/one way audio for Zulu). https://wiki.freepbx.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=110003971

My understainding being that this says ‘hey, if you get the inclination to hand out your private IP as a contact address, use this public IP instead’.

Although now, if a call comes in on our Primary Trunk (Twilio), and is answered by a Zulu endpoint, it disconnects after 10 seconds. This does not happen on a different trunk (Nexvortex). Gotta go compare and contrast their settings I guess…

Still no screen pop from CRM (Connectwise) or even a basic URL pop. Very frustrated with commercial module support at this point. Feel like I just wasted several thousand dollars on licensing.

There’s a pretty sales slick saying what all Zulu will do, and what the CRM module will do but the documentation of the actual user experience is pretty thin, so I actually don’t even know what to expect, but I know it’s not doing ANYTHING when a call comes in with regard to a screen pop…

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