Zulu - Click to Dial web app location


I have recently purchased Zulu licenses and also the CRM license which are installed to our cloud hosted Freepbx distro so we can have softphones and integrate with Salesforce.

Zulu advertising states that it has a click to dial from website feature, but I cannot find the web app in chrome? does anybody know where to find this or what it may be called?


Edit - I followed the wiki for Zulu and it has a link to the app which returns a 404. I cannot post the exact link as Im a new user and am fobidden to do so.


We are also experiencing the same issue. Just wanted to add a couple points here:

  1. we tried to search for “Zulu” within Chrome’s web store, but got no result
  2. the Zulu add-on is available for FireFox


Zulu is a dead project as advised by Sangoma in my recent support request. The Sangoma connect mobile app is well built and functioning, and they advised me that are building and releasing a Sangoma connect pc app but it is not ready and they are not doing any fault resolution to the Zulu pc app, including the click to dial.

I migrated client to 3cx - their click to dial app is not great, so I used the chrome “Telephone number detection” extension. Works very well. Hope that helps


I noticed that Chrome reported the Zulu extension contains malware so perhaps they removed it from the web store.

The message I receive is in Zulu 3.1.1 is

“This extension violates the Chrome Web Store Policy.” It is automatically disabled. I can enable it and it runs until Chrome is restarted.

That’s annoying, because “click to call” from my PC to my Polycom phone in Freepbx, is pretty much the only thing I use in Zulu.

Has Sangoma made any other official statements?

as per my post above. Use “Telephone number detection” chrome app. Sangoma advised that they are not working on the Zulu click to dial development.

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