Zulu calls still coming in with account removed

I had a Zulu account setup for testing purposes on my iPhone. I deleted the account but left the app on the phone. When the associated extension is called, I get a brief ring on my iPhone and then this pops up.

We can’t have this going on if an employee leaves and their personal device has a Zulu instance. Solutions?

Always a problem, you fire a person, she leaves with her head bowed with a box of personal belongings, yet you have previously required her to install some such propitiatory mish-mash on HER personal property and unfortunately for you, did not provide her with an appropriate exit strategy and yet continue to “harass” her.

Liability is decided by the courts, She might well sue YOU if you don’t stop doing that and you might have to pay a neutral third party to assuage the damage you did to her . . .

(interesting . . . )

Except if we remove an email account from the phone, the phone doesn’t keep getting notifications when the user’s account gets an email.

It is not your phone, yet you apparently required the firee to install your propriatory ‘code’, thus you must equally supervise de-installation of such code on termination. No?

Frankly, no.

I just want the app to stop ringing when there is no account setup in it. Doesn’t seem like reach of a feature.

Frankly what is the problem , is it your app installed on someone else’s phone (that is your liability and will always be until uninstalled from the third party) , or an app you are using that is misconfigured?

The problem is that the app is still ringing with no account configured.

Admin, Zulu, Mobile Tokens tab. You can remove the entries you want from there.

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