Zulu broadcast or chat to all

I responded to a really old post and realized I may not get an answer - so opening a new topic.

The post was a request for “broadcast” to all chat feature: https://community.freepbx.org/t/zulu-broadcast-chat-message/39806/2

I understood Tony’s rationale for saying that was unlikely to come. But he did mention something that was unclear to me and I was hoping someone could provide more detail.

Not at this time but what we recommend is having a everyone group and indie that group you can send a @all and they will get a notification of the new message.

My question: Can someone can elaborate a bit on Tony’s suggestion for the “everyone group” and “@all” ; and was “indie that group” a typo or does it mean something that’s eluding me.


Bump. Does anyone have any ideas at all on what the “@all” might refer to?

I don’t understand what he meant with “indie that group” but if you go to a channel and write “@all message” people who is in that chat will get a chat notification as if they were mentioned.

indie that group was a typo and should of read inside that group

Thank you Tony and Angel! It all makes sense now and works well, once we got the room bell set to loud.

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