Zulu Attended Transfer

Is there any way to do attended transfers with the Zulu softphone?

You can do blind transfers by, when you are on the phone with someone, going to the transfer section (which will put them on hold) and putting in the number of the person you wish to transfer them to and then pressing the transfer button.
However, as far as I’ve seen there is no quick way to do an attended transfer besides putting the person your talking to on hold, calling the person you wish to transfer them to, ending the call with the person your transferring to and then doing a blind transfer as mentioned above, this method is somewhat tedious and it would be nice if there was an easier way to do

Zulu Client version: 2.1.14

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Is this possible in Zulu 3?

Not at this time but it’s in the roadmap and planning stages now for Zulu 3.X this year.

Hi, any updates on this? We are also very interested for our call center and we have purchased zulu (amongst others).

Any update on this with specifically the iOS Apps?
Any way we can see the roadmap for future Zulu things?

Is this possible yet? We have some call center agents that need the same feature.

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