Zulu Android App can't run on Oneplus5 with Android 9

Hi Everybody,

I’m testing Zulu for rolout on Customer site later.
I succeeded to install Zulu on FreePBX15 with Asterisk13 with certificate etc. all fine.
I also can use Zulu Client on Ubuntu 16, was a bit painfull as the latest Cliet is not working, but some releases back (3.2.1), is working fine now on Ubuntu 16.
So far I’m happy, all looking good and the Quality even from outside, seems to be good, as far I could Test.
I have tested a lot in the Past on Client and cellphone, Zoiper etc. and so far Zulu looks the best.
I also like, that Zulu is not working on any common SIP or IAX or WebRTC Port, but on 8002, whcih makes it more easy and save …
Last is the Android App, where I got a Problem I can’t solve.
I have an Oneplus 5 with Android9, not the newest, but also not to old …
I could enable VoLTE and Wifi Calling, but when I start Zulu, it pops up with an Messagewindow, “Action Required - Zulu must be enabled in your Android Phone App’s Calling Account Settings in orer to make and receive calls - cancel / Take me.”
If I press cancel, I’m logged in to teh Server, Chat works etc, but no calling in I press Take me, he jumps into me calling accounts, where I have 2 SIM Cards, one in German Telecom and one is China Telecom but from here i don’t know, how to proceed … no option to anable VoIP or similar …
As fare as I know, at least German Telecom has open VoLTE and Zoiper is working fine for me …
And, but at least on Wifi it should work …
Does anybody has an Idea ?
with many thanks in advance, Niels

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