ZULU and Softphone

We wanted to buy Sangoma softphone, but we do have technical problem with the demo.

Softphone doesn’t ring, but we can do outgoing calal.

I see this error on asterix log.

Error 171060 ‘Unsupported transport (PJSIP_EUNSUPTRANSPORT)’ sending OPTIONS request to endpoint 90111

I try to call an extention that is in PJSIP, extention 111.

Someone have a clue on why popup is not working? We would like to buy it but it doesn’t work, Pre-sale are of no help and we are a small call center. So if someone could have an idee why it doesn’t work it would be appreciated.

Do we have to pay support to before we buy the package or is their will be support for it if we buy it?

When I open a ticket on the Zulu demo (2 licenses) it says a maintenance agreement is not required.

Commercial moduels which is what Zulu is comes with support for the first year for free on 25 year and included on 1 year license for the year the license is good for. After year 1 on 25 year modules you have to pay a yearly maint if you want support.

I saw this recently, and was solved by exiting Zulu, restarting Asterisk (fwconsole restart), then logging into Zulu again.

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