Zulu and ring all group issue

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Hi All,

We’ve got a problem with Zulu clients and ring groups. Ring group is set to “ring all” and there are 8 extensions included. Very often when call is answered by one of group members there is silence and Zulu says “Connecting…” above call tab.

It does happen with outgoing calls sometimes, but not as often as with incoming through a ring group.

At the same time Sangoma S505 phones we are using are working fine.

Can anyone help or point me to the right direction?


(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Is this Zulu mobile? Zulu mobile is deprecated in favor of Sangoma Connect mobile. The same license works for both.

(Marcin) #3

Zulu desktop. Uploaded picture has been changed to show it.

(Marcin) #4

Issue is getting worse. Cannot make outgoing call at all.

(Lorne Gaetz) #5

Looks like your clients have intermittent access to the Zulu signaling port. There may be clues in the zulu logs in /var/log/asterisk otherwise I recommend a support ticket.

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