Zulu 3 Won't use headset as soft phone

I recently installed Zulu UC for Windows 10 on a PC and connected a USB based Jabra bluetooth headset. It Zulu client registers to the extension and I see the Jabra in the Microphone and Sound devices on Zulu but the headset cannot take or make calls. When you go to the Keypad to dial, the system only has an option to use Desk phone to make calls. There is no physical desk phone on this extension. How do I make Zulu send calls through the Soft phone (Jabra Headset) only?

Anyone have an idea?

I don’t think that Jabra headset is simple enough for your use. IIRC, that is intended to be used as a real softphone on your PC, which means you’re duplicating (and confusing) the Zulu app.

What is a good bluetooth headset to use with Zulu UC? And is it possible to link up the Jabra Pro 930 UC Mono Wireless Headset for Softphone (USB Only) model 930-65-509-105

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