Zulu 3 - Linux Client issue

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(Julio Villegas) #1

New installation of Zulu 3.4.0 on my Linux rig. Connection to the FreePBX server flawless but under “Audio Settings” all three options show empty and there is nothing to be selected.

Because of the covid-19 outbreak my office will start working from home next week and we need to select a softphone. If I can’t confirm the Zulu will be a plug and play solution we will be purchasing Bria instead.

OpenSuse Leap 15.1
Zulu 3.4.0

(Julio Villegas) #2

Thanks @avelasquez here is the new topic

(Angel Velasquez) #3

What about the headset? are you using pulse audio or alsa? do you have audio at all at other linux apps?

(Julio Villegas) #4

Forget about the headsets for now. Pulse audio, audio works perfect on all apps. It is a laptop so I’m trying with the mic and speakers to start.

(Julio Villegas) #5

Ok, now I’m confused.

Audio controls are the default of Plasma KDE; all utilities listed for audio are Pulse Audio related, but, I just check on Audacity and it show ALSA.


So at this point I’m not sure how to answer your question. I’m using both??

(Angel Velasquez) #6

Can you test on this website? https://test.webrtc.org/

(Angel Velasquez) #7

Also check this openSuSE wiki https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Audio_troubleshooting

(Julio Villegas) #8

Results of the suggested test.

(Julio Villegas) #9

Audio playback and capture working properly on Audacity.

Also, just tested Linphone. It works perfect.

Zulu GUI seems not to recognize of not have access to the sound devices.

(Angel Velasquez) #10

Hello Julio,

I’m afraid you will need to spend sometime checking suse’s audio troubleshooting, will all your users use suse? with the same specs as your computer? can you try in another Linux installation or in a different hardware? I know it might seems to much to ask, I just want to determine if it’s an issue related with Zulu and your soundcard or Zulu and your OS/DE?

(Julio Villegas) #11

@avelasquez No, other users using Windows 10 1909. All working fine with exception of one user with problems with his Bluetooth headsets.

Audio do not flow from the Zulu app to the headsets. Everything works fine between all other windows apps and the headsets.

The user is in the process to get a set of wired headsets and in the meantime it is set to send audio to speakers and get audio form headsets mic.

(Julio Villegas) #12

Any heads up you can provide on the TS for my SuSe rig is appreciated.

I tried running the app as root with the same result.

(Angel Velasquez) #13

Hello @masterch13

I’m afraid this is not as trivial as it might seem, as it might be several factors (kernel, module, misconfiguration of pulseaudio, etc), but now that we know is not a permission issue (which I don’t think it ever was) try deleting the directory ~/.config/pulse (make a backup first) and then logging out / in … to see if you have any audio on Zulu (check first that you have audio in your system after doing that)

Zulu has a Linux client, true, but it hasn’t been tested with all the combinations of hardware/kernels/linux distros and the desktop environments, as you might understand this will take forever.

(Julio Villegas) #14

Yee, I know how trickie it is.

I’ll try deleting the pulse config folder.

(Julio Villegas) #15

dammit… it works… Deleting the pulse folder made the trick. Now it is show as a chromium app on pulse audio mixer.

(Angel Velasquez) #16

I’m glad to hear that!! :slight_smile:

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