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Does the extension I create for the Zulu iphone app have to be a pjsip extension? I created a SIP extension that worked for a desktop app but the mobile app does not seem to connect.

Extension type is irrelevant. It can/could be virtual/dahdi/sip… etc

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That is very surprising to me. If it is a SIP extension then it can’t be the same extension that is registered to my desk phone correct? I would need pjsip for that I assume.

Hi Mark:

When you enable Zulu for a user, a PJSIP account is created behind the scenes to handle the Zulu registration. While dialing the extension number rings both devices (desk phone and Zulu) they are actually separate registrations with separate contact URIs.

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Very interesting! When the pjsip extension is made in the background how many contacts does that allow? Could I activate zulu for sip extension 120 and then put 120 on my desktop and mobile?

I could tell you, but perhaps a fishing lesson:

pjsip show aors
pjsip show aor <extension>

the zulu extension numbers are generated by prefixing the normal extension number by 90

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Excellent lesson! Took me a bit to realize these are run from the asterisk cli and not the root cli. 100 max contacts, I would not have guessed that. I want to keep working on the mobile app as it is not registering but I think I have a large number of customers who would be interested. Thanks again

One item of interest - If you are local to the freepbx server using the fqdn in the login can cause problems. Using the local ip allows desktop access. I should have thought to try it earlier but I kept reading in the wiki that the fqdn needs to be used. Might be useful to add that to the zulu wiki faq section

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