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I see that Zulu 3 is fully released, https://www.sangoma.com/products/zulu/, but the documentation Wiki is very light, and I am having troubles fully implementing this exciting tool. We had Zulu 2, and it was OK I suppose, but the integration of Desktop and Mobile with Zulu 3 promises amazing functionality. Unfortunately, the user documentation is a mess. I was able to install Zulu following those directions off the Wiki just fine, however, details on how to use the software are lacking. I am running the Stable codebase, as that is what I wish to demo and “sell” to my users.

I am concerned with ESC making my changes apply. That’s backwards from GUI standards. How about an APPLY button? ESC means to escape, to cancel, to leave. APPLY means to enforce the selection.

I have about 7 or 8 bullet points that I sent to [email protected] (as directed on the Wiki) 7 days ago, and no response or acknowledgement of the message was received. May I ask who is responsible for this project, and how may we establish interactive feedback? Without a response, I might be talking to /dev/null and I have better things to do.

I’d like to try out screen sharing. What is the magic key sequence to engage it? How do I limit access to it, in order to avoid improper use? Is the screen sharing encrypted? Maybe you are taking VNC code and encapsulating it. Not sure, as the Wiki only mentions that Zulu 3 can screen share, but not how.

How is Zulu managing patch management? I have the client installed on my iPhone. When / how may I update it? How can I find out when the Desktop client is updated?

I am excited for your product launch as described https://www.sangoma.com/products/zulu/ but I am underwhelmed on how to implement it. Thus, I cannot tell my boss, or my customers, about how it works, or demonstrate it. If I missed the obvious user manual, I’ll have doughnuts delivered to Neenah.


Where are you seeing this?

From what email?

That is really irrelevant and won’t help you in your quest.

At the current moment this doesn’t work. I’m looking at the pull request that would make it work.

It’s over SRTP


We don’t explain how because that is how you end up protecting your corporate IP. However Zulu uses secure websockets and srtp.

Like any other application on the app stores. They update automatically.

The desktop client will alert you went it needs to be updated

Hello Andy,

Thank you for your responses. I appreciate the information. To answer your questions:

  • ESC to Apply
    https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/ZU/Zulu+3+Updating+Desktop+Client and then look towards the bottom of that screen.

  • From what email: creyn AT cmreynolds DOT org

  • Responsible: Wasn’t to flame; wondering whom to compliment, and ask for update. But as there are answers here, let’s work with it. Thanks.

  • Screen Sharing: Thank you for the update. If you believe it will take more than a couple weeks, I would change the web public announcement for something like “coming in March / April”. The website says BETA, and well, that does imply there is some functionality there.

  • Encryption of Screensharing – excellent!

  • iPhone Updates – thank you. Never used TestFlight before, so I wouldn’t have known that. I also hope you aren’t building only to the latest iOS – my iPhone 5c won’t do much past iOS 10.

  • Desktop Client – Excellent.

Thank you again, Andrew for your responses. As mentioned, I am excited about this functionality, and I feel Sangoma is too, as you are offering 2 free licenses to try it out with FreePBX. That’s an awesome invitation to buy into, and get the money folk to authorize it.


You need to use Zulu before you comment on how X ESC works. As it doesn’t work like you are implying.

There are no emails from that address in all of our support system.

It would be through Support normally.

Hello Andy,

I have sent the email again this evening. Time to logout and get dinner. Appreciate our conversation this evening.


Hello Andy,

Did you receive my email about the issues I have seen with the clients?


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