Zulu 3 Chrome Extension + Zulu Desktop + Device

We have used Zulu 3 Chrome Extension to be able to click on Tel links and which use a physical phone for our concierge staff to make outgoing calls.

I am trying to configure a new PC with this setup and in following these instructions, I cannot find zulu on the web store anymore.

Does the Zulu 3 chrome browser plugin not exist anymore?

How can I configure this PC to use zulu / freepbx / phone otherwise?

I think I’ve read in previous posts that the Chrome extension is no longer available. Also Zulu is being replaced by Sangoma Connect so it’s unlikely to ever come back.

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I recommend you use Sangoma Phone instead of Zulu. It’s the newer desktop client from Sangoma, and uses the same licensing for the PBX. Sangoma Phone supports click to dial from tel: links without any browser plugin.

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That sounds perfect, because we have Zulu licenses.

I will give that a try and see how that works.

I have seen all the talk about Connect, and it using Zulu licenses. I have PBXact UC that comes with Zulu, but if I install the Connect module, it says it needs to be purchased. How do you apply the Zulu license to make Connect work, as I am more than willing to try it…

As a follow-up to my post above, the Connect module seems to function, but it still asks you to buy it which was throwing me. Weird if it’s licensed on the platform that it asks you to buy it, as none of the others do, but at least it works…

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