Zulu 3 Android Mobile does not ring or notify on incoming calls

We have Zulu 3 installed and running on our Windows machines with no problems. We have a commercial license for it. I decided to try it on my Android phone as well, Google Pixel 2. I am able to log in and see my call history there with no problem, the session also appears on the FreePBX server.

However, when I dial my extension, my cell phone does not ring. Even if I am running the Zulu app and have it open, no notification whatsoever. Am I missing something obvious?

This is the client-side log file:

{“2020-03-13T18:29:30.464Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Constructing INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:30.477Z”:“WebRTC(log) - INVITE dialog be8270ae-5e09-4dda-9483-4e69c94fcec49fd7k3ad6ef7d2a53e-c53f-48ac-9227-0b9921456e7f constructed”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.365Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Completed” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.387Z”:“WebRTC(log) - closing INVITE session be8270ae-5e09-4dda-9483-4e69c94fcec4f7d2a53e-c53f-48ac-9227-0b9921456e7f”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.646Z”:“fa8356ca-f13d-4e88-8dad-09b3747d55f4 - PBXAccount - PingResponse - 68”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.711Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Confirmed” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.733Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Timer I expired for INVITE server transaction z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.750Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Destroyed INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.768Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Terminated” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.783Z”:“WebRTC(log) - INVITE dialog be8270ae-5e09-4dda-9483-4e69c94fcec49fd7k3ad6ef7d2a53e-c53f-48ac-9227-0b9921456e7f destroyed”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.796Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Destroyed INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:41.172Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Constructing INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:41.198Z”:“WebRTC(log) - INVITE dialog dad2e5ff-795e-413b-864f-42e6f4b1c357371egd7tgo3560394f-ecb5-4d96-a464-58e9d075ec80 constructed”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.028Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Completed” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.049Z”:“WebRTC(log) - closing INVITE session dad2e5ff-795e-413b-864f-42e6f4b1c3573560394f-ecb5-4d96-a464-58e9d075ec80”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.328Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Confirmed” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.351Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Timer I expired for INVITE server transaction z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.369Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Destroyed INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.383Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Terminated” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.398Z”:“WebRTC(log) - INVITE dialog dad2e5ff-795e-413b-864f-42e6f4b1c357371egd7tgo3560394f-ecb5-4d96-a464-58e9d075ec80 destroyed”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.413Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Destroyed INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:46.110Z”:"Initiate BugSnag Client ID 5d8dac6a-4dc6-455c-b597-546e4a3157e7 | JSON log changes to false ",“2020-03-13T18:29:46.112Z”:“fa8356ca-f13d-4e88-8dad-09b3747d55f4 - actions/accounts - disableLogAccount”}

Hello Erica,

Thanks for contact us, first of all try to:

1.- Check you have push notifications enabled.
2.- Check the PBX show a token for your extension under FreePBX admin -> zulu -> mobile tokens

I’d suggest to open a support case at https://support.sangoma.com/ if everything is good with 1 and 2.


Hi Angel,

I do see a mobile token.

As far as enabling push notifications, do you mean on Zulu itself? How would I do that?

I went to the support site, but for some reason it would not “see” my deployment ID in the dropdown even though I see it in the portal, so, I was unable to create the ticket. I have a customer service ticket open for that problem…


Well, seems I need to make a correction. I had a mobile token. Now it is gone and I can’t get it back. What does that mean?

I am still able to make outbound calls using my mobile Zulu client, even with that gone.

Ok this needs to go thru support channel, plz follow up there.


Luckily the support channel is now working, so I will do that. Thanks.

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