Zulu 3 Android Mobile does not ring or notify on incoming calls

(Erica K) #1

We have Zulu 3 installed and running on our Windows machines with no problems. We have a commercial license for it. I decided to try it on my Android phone as well, Google Pixel 2. I am able to log in and see my call history there with no problem, the session also appears on the FreePBX server.

However, when I dial my extension, my cell phone does not ring. Even if I am running the Zulu app and have it open, no notification whatsoever. Am I missing something obvious?

(Erica K) #2

This is the client-side log file:

{“2020-03-13T18:29:30.464Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Constructing INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:30.477Z”:“WebRTC(log) - INVITE dialog be8270ae-5e09-4dda-9483-4e69c94fcec49fd7k3ad6ef7d2a53e-c53f-48ac-9227-0b9921456e7f constructed”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.365Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Completed” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.387Z”:“WebRTC(log) - closing INVITE session be8270ae-5e09-4dda-9483-4e69c94fcec4f7d2a53e-c53f-48ac-9227-0b9921456e7f”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.646Z”:“fa8356ca-f13d-4e88-8dad-09b3747d55f4 - PBXAccount - PingResponse - 68”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.711Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Confirmed” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.733Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Timer I expired for INVITE server transaction z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.750Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Destroyed INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.768Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Terminated” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.783Z”:“WebRTC(log) - INVITE dialog be8270ae-5e09-4dda-9483-4e69c94fcec49fd7k3ad6ef7d2a53e-c53f-48ac-9227-0b9921456e7f destroyed”,“2020-03-13T18:29:39.796Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Destroyed INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPj25706373-876f-432e-976f-c55232f53e7a.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:41.172Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Constructing INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:41.198Z”:“WebRTC(log) - INVITE dialog dad2e5ff-795e-413b-864f-42e6f4b1c357371egd7tgo3560394f-ecb5-4d96-a464-58e9d075ec80 constructed”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.028Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Completed” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.049Z”:“WebRTC(log) - closing INVITE session dad2e5ff-795e-413b-864f-42e6f4b1c3573560394f-ecb5-4d96-a464-58e9d075ec80”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.328Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Confirmed” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.351Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Timer I expired for INVITE server transaction z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.369Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Destroyed INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.383Z”:“WebRTC(log) - State change to “Terminated” on INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.398Z”:“WebRTC(log) - INVITE dialog dad2e5ff-795e-413b-864f-42e6f4b1c357371egd7tgo3560394f-ecb5-4d96-a464-58e9d075ec80 destroyed”,“2020-03-13T18:29:42.413Z”:“WebRTC(log) - Destroyed INVITE server transaction with id z9hG4bKPjc648caa7-67ad-4620-8d89-7cd02960be69.”,“2020-03-13T18:29:46.110Z”:"Initiate BugSnag Client ID 5d8dac6a-4dc6-455c-b597-546e4a3157e7 | JSON log changes to false ",“2020-03-13T18:29:46.112Z”:“fa8356ca-f13d-4e88-8dad-09b3747d55f4 - actions/accounts - disableLogAccount”}

(Angel Velasquez) #3

Hello Erica,

Thanks for contact us, first of all try to:

1.- Check you have push notifications enabled.
2.- Check the PBX show a token for your extension under FreePBX admin -> zulu -> mobile tokens

I’d suggest to open a support case at https://support.sangoma.com/ if everything is good with 1 and 2.


(Erica K) #4

Hi Angel,

I do see a mobile token.

As far as enabling push notifications, do you mean on Zulu itself? How would I do that?

I went to the support site, but for some reason it would not “see” my deployment ID in the dropdown even though I see it in the portal, so, I was unable to create the ticket. I have a customer service ticket open for that problem…


(Erica K) #5

Well, seems I need to make a correction. I had a mobile token. Now it is gone and I can’t get it back. What does that mean?

I am still able to make outbound calls using my mobile Zulu client, even with that gone.

(Angel Velasquez) #6

Ok this needs to go thru support channel, plz follow up there.


(Erica K) #7

Luckily the support channel is now working, so I will do that. Thanks.