Zulu 2 and Zulu 3

I’ve been slowly exploring my way around Zulu 3 and while there is some learning curve, it is very nice. One major change that has impacted us greatly is popups.

In Zulu 2 we had FM/FM turned on for many of our extensions. These would forward to agents on an Avaya system; however, these agents would also have the Zulu 2 client open with the softphone disabled. They would use this for chat, and more importantly when a call hit their Asterisk extension it would trigger the popup before ringing their Avaya phone.

In my testing it appears that the popup will not popup unless the call is answered on the Zulu 3 client. Is that correct? Is there anyway to circumvent this if it is? We are big advocates for Zulu and just purchased 1,000 licenses based on the belief that if the product keeps moving in this direction it could be a full replacement for us, in time.

Today it is not due to the lack of call center agent call control features. We have submitted a feature request to have these added, hopefully it will be achievable. In the interim what can I do to get back on track with popups (popup still pops up even tough the call is answered on an external number)?

I noticed in the logs that it is storing the URL as a variable, is there a way for me to invoke the popup if I add a custom context to one of the macros maybe?

Thanks for your help/insight!


Unfortunately not at this time. Please report your issue so we can add a setting for you to decide.

For anyone else interested in watching this the issue is:

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