Zopier on Andriod Reconnects Every 60s


I have an Android smartphone running Zoiper on a local lan over wi-fi.

However Zoiper seems to be connecting and disconnecting every 60s.

Any idea’s why ?

Is Zoiper the best Android VOIP app ? Or are there better ones ?



Can you be more specific about “connect” and “reconnect”? Do you mean it’s re-registering every 60-seconds? Or is it re-connecting to the wifi every 60s? There should be a setting in Zoiper for controlling the re-register frequency and there’s a load of settings in FreePBX that control the min/max/default timeouts (Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings). Plus Qualify frequency settings for each Extension (or Device in Device&User Mode).

I found CSIPsimple to be a “better” app - but that’s largely subjective. Media5-fone is also worth a look, as is Grandstream Wave.

You might also want to look into using TCP for SIP - more reliable over wifi than UDP. Plus we’ve found that assigning a fixed IP address to the phone for the wifi connection reduces “wifi drop-offs” considerably - these smartphones can be super-aggressive about saving battery, even when told not to - our greatest problem in implementing multiple wifi-connected Android and iOS devices has been keeping them “awake”.

I don’t have this problem with Zoiper on any of my Android devices.

I’m going to guess (with the timeout being that short) that there’s a firewall issue in the way.

Check your /var/log/asterisk/full logs and check the registration attempts from the phone. See if there’s anything hinky in there (like a “failed to respond to our critical packet” errors).

Yes there is a firewall however if I disable the firewall the problem persisted.

I have checked the Zoiper settings and found Network / Registration Expiry time was set to 60s. So I guess that it was re-registering every 60s ?

What is the recommended expiry time ? Yealink desk phone use 3600s.

What success have you had getting Zoiper working over the mobile operators data network through a VPN tunnel ?

I don’t use VPN tunnels, so none.

I know I should, but I don’t.

I’m using both IAX and SIP connections. I reset the Registry Expiration to 3600s (to avoid the Adaptive Firewall killing my connections).

There’s no problem with it re-registering every 60s through wifi - in fact, you want it that frequent as part of making sure your phone stays “awake” on wifi (i.e. can receive incoming calls). If using cellular data you’d want to set it longer. I recall some of the mobile apps having separate register timeout settings for wifi and cellular - certainly Media5-fone does.

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