Zopier Android via 4G

I have an Asterisk box. I created an extension called 1001. I then installed Zoiper on my Android phone. At first, no problem if I use WiFi connection. But if I use 4G connection instead of WiFi, the Zoiper cannot not register the SIP account the the Asterisk box. I could not figure out the problem here. Please help!

In Extensions set NAT Mode=Yes (force_rport,comedia)

Thank you. Already set, but it didn’t help.

Already released the UDP ports 5060 and 10000/20000?

Sure. Because if I use WiFi connection, the problem doesn’t occur.

Wi-fi is on your internal network? The Freepbx has public IP?

The FreePBX has a public IP. My phone is connected to a WiFi router that has with a different public IP.

In your network will work, you need to review firewall rules and IP FreePBX is visible to internet

I have 2 PUBLIC IPs: 203.250.x.x and 203.250.x.y. Two these IPs are in my university IP range. The first IP is being used for the FreePBX and the second one is for the WiFi router. So I think basically they are not in the same network, right?

I think there is firewall blocking the ports from outside the network! Try watching with the Asterisk CLI when trying to register for the 4G.

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Great, man. I asked the network manager to open some ports. It works now.