Zoiper softphone

I have a fully running freepbx and 5 extensions
Unable to register zoiper softphone on my iphone. Registration faulure no transports left to try (503)
The system is on my unifi network and I thought it might be a firewall issue but I have run out of ideas.
Any suggestions please.

Are you trying to login locally or externally? Are you using pjsip or chansip? Look at sip settings and verify what’s setup for port 5060

Which transport are you trying to use (UDP, TCP, TLS)? Assuming pjsip, check in Asterisk SIP Settings that the transport is enabled and its Port to Listen On matches the port you have in Zoiper.

Next, if you are using push notification on Zoiper, it’s possible that your hardware firewall or FreePBX firewall is blocking their push server addresses. For testing, turn this off.

Does it fail when connecting on your local Wi-Fi network, when using mobile data, or both?

If it fails locally, and you are connecting to a domain name that resolves to your public IP address, note that many routers don’t handle “hairpinning” properly, and some require special configuration to make it work. If you can’t get hairpinning working, test by changing DNS to point to the LAN address of the PBX. The long term solution (without hairpinning) is for your local DNS server to return the LAN address, but the public DNS servers return the public IP.

If it fails on mobile data, your hardware or FreePBX firewalls may be blocking the mobile operator’s addresses.

You can run sngrep on the PBX to see whether REGISTER requests are coming in. If so, and there are no replies being sent, FreePBX firewall is likely blocking the requests. If nothing shows up in sngrep, capture traffic on the unifi WAN interface to see whether the requests are making it to your site.

Thanks for input Jeremy and Stewart. To my surprise it was the freepbx firewall blocking access. With it turned off registration and function.
My iphone has a fixed ip address which I had added to the trusted list.
I must have done something wrong any guidance gratefully received.

I have port forward rules and fqdn working so that zoiper connects with freepbx over 4G network but not on local wifi. Any thoughts please

Read my previous post about hairpinning and DNS.

Hi Stewart,
Disabling freepbx firewall does not solev registration of zoiper. I have tried various port forward rules and traffic in my unifi firewall but without success. Your earlier post on hairpinning does not help me.
Any more detailed reply would be helpful.

I know little about either Zoiper or USG, but the symptoms sound very much like a hairpin NAT issue. To confirm this, capture traffic at both ends. The PBX should see the REGISTER request as coming from your public IP address, not the private LAN address of Zoiper. The reply will of course be sent to your public IP address, which the USG should then deliver to Zoiper’s LAN address, with the source address being your public IP. If that’s not what’s happening, there are resources on the web to help you fix it.

If hairpin NAT is working correctly, enable pjsip logging and paste a log showing a REGISTER request and associated replies.

If you can’t get hairpin NAT working, you can set up your local DNS so that when connected to your local Wi-Fi, your FQDN resolves to the LAN address of the PBX.

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