Zoho CRM Integration

I appreciate Zoho CRM is in beta so I wish to provide some feedback. I have purchased the license and doing some testing.
For the Activity log of incoming or outbound calls the DATE is not input for the start of the call, only the time. This causes an issue as the record cannot be edited to be linked to a customer if the record is not matched.

Also in USER MANAGEMENT, the CRM tab is visible but nothing can be selected. Not sure if this is because it is a work in progress?

At this moment I have seen no recording files being sent across as an attachment. I am only getting activity logs.


One more issue I have noticed, all calls are categorized wrong. From below you will see all calls are Inbound as CALL TYPE no matter they are IN or OUT.

You would need to report this in the big tracker at issues.freepbx.org if you want anyone to look or address these. Some of them may not be in our control but we won’t know until bug reports are opened.

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Thanks, sorry if in the wrong place. Will move to bug report, which I agree was the point of the posting.

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