Zap channel DID's in release help

I just installed Elastix 1.5-9 with FreePbx I noticed that Asterisk is now using Dahdi instead of Zaptel, however, zaptel is still pervasive in FreePbx
I had no problem getting Zap (Dahdi?) channel DID’s to work in Elastix 1.3 with FPBX 2.3. Now I cannot get this feature to work. The config files include both zapata.conf as well as chan_dadhi.conf. The instructions say to configure the zapata.conf. This is confusing plus I modified both the zapata.conf and the chan_dahdi.conf with “from-zaptel” and this feature still does not work.
What do I need to do to get this to work? Should it be “from-dahdi” now?


in amportal.conf set:


in your dahdi configuration files you still use:


And of course you need to configure all the dahdi configuration files as appropriate. If you are using any FXS devices configured as extensions (or devices in deviceanduser mode) your include file inside of chan_dadhi.conf should be chan_dahdi_additional.conf instead of zapata_additional.conf.

Beyond those, everything is treated as if it were zapata in compatibility mode.