Zap call to IVR then extension then follow me section?

With pstn incoming line called to specified extension and there is no answer, if i enable the voicemail section then i will proceed to the voicemail part, if i disable the voicemail function then i will continue ringing and finally it hangs up.

How i can let it proceeds to the follow me section of this extension?

And if i have the zap line directed to the follow me section directly and with initial ring time of 15sec, it does solve my above question, but the problem is with my Digium tdm400p card, if the customer hangs up before anybody picks up the call, the line could not detect the hang up signal and proceeds all the way to ring all the extensions in the follow me list although the remote has hanged up the call!!!

i am using loopstart with busydetect=yes and busycount=4, rxgain=8.5 and txgain=-1.0 defined in zapata.conf


To use follow me you go to it not from and exten but instead of the exten.

the IVR would hit the follow me not the exten of the user

until you get the signaling right on the trunks you are stuck…

OK, now i know it’s again due to the pstn line hang up issue. :wink:

as i have posted a separated post refer to this problem. maybe it’s better to close this one.