Zabbix notifications by phone via Asterisk( FreePBX)

hello guys
I want to combine zabbix and freepbx. All warnings of zabbix become a call sent to the administrator via asterisk
I have done the file
‘’ Channel: SIP / Trunk / 0376464224
MaxRetries: 2
Callerid: notifications
RetryTime: 60
WaitTime: 30
Context: auto-call
Extension: 10 ‘’
by cp / var / spool / asterisk / outgoing /

  • how to warn zabbix to run the file
  • In addition to the above, you can do more
    thank you

The shell script on Zabbix could copy the call file on the remote PBX with e.g. sftp. Asterisk also has other APIs that can originate calls.

However, assuming that your 037 number is a (Viettel) mobile phone, I’d recommend sending an SMS instead, since it can easily convey information about the alert and provides a record. This is a simple API request to any SMS-capable trunking provider and doesn’t involve FreePBX at all. Some examples:

yes. 037 number is viettel ,It is a large telecommunications corporation of Vietnam.
Dark write an audio file wav (mp3) zabbix warning error. When there is a warning, call the audio file administrator

You never copy into the outgoing spool. You move files to it. The outgoing spool will trigger the moment is sees a file, copying causes that file to be seen before it is completely written and can cause it to start a call prematurely. Always move the full file at once to the directory, never copy it.