Yum update python conflicts


I have trouble upgrading the freepbx server. It runs into a conflict, you can see it at this paste i made: [[email protected] /]# yum updateLoaded plugins: fastestmirror, versionlockLoading m - Pastebin.com

I also noticed this topic where something like it discussed, but this doesn’t work for me:

I hope that someone can point me in the right direction.



Nobody has an answer or can provide any help?

You have extra repositories installed for some reason.

Oke, and how should I fix this without breaking freepbx?

Nothing in FreePBX uses the ius repo. so what did you do to get it in there?

Well, I don’t know actually… But I’m now trying to solve this. So I hope that someone can help me with this.

This is the repolist:


These are not Sangoma or RHEL repos. This is a third party repo and while it shows that they are disabled now it doesn’t means they weren’t enabled before. So someone added them, enabled them and then installed at least Python through it.

file /usr/include/python3.6m/pyconfig-64.h conflicts between attempted installs of python36u-libs-3.6.7-1.ius.centos7.x86_64 and python36-libs-3.6.6-5.el7.x86_64

You are having conflicts because Python was installed via one repo and is trying to be updated by another repo and the builds are not the same so you’re going to have errors. You need to remove anything related to python36u* and then install the proper python package via the Sangoma/RHEL repos.

While you don’t know how these two repos got in there just understand that like I said someone installed those repos, installed packages from those repos and then disabled them. None of this is an “opps, that happened by mistake” this was clearly an action that took some doing and specific steps to be done. Someone did this on purpose.

As I said, you need to clean out any package that was built against the third party repos and then install the proper ones from the Sangoma repos.

Yes, but when I try that. I get this:

Yes because you’re using a shotgun/sledgehammer approach. Instead of removing just the package installed from the third party repo you’re removing all packages including the proper ones. You need to get rid of the IUS version not the SNG7 versions.

—> Package python36u.x86_64 0:3.6.4-1.ius.centos7 will be erased
—> Package python36u-PyYAML.x86_64 0:3.12-1.sng7 will be erased
—> Package python36u-aiohttp.x86_64 0:2.2.4-1.sng7 will be erased

Oke, but when I try that, it also doesn’t work. I get the same error:

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