Yum update fails

yum -y update
Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: base/7-8.2003.5.el7.sangoma/x86_6

but I can ping any web site by name, so my name resolution is fine.
I need to reinstall a module this is blocking me

when I issue the command
fwconsole ma showupgrades
or in the GUI goto Module Admin, and check online:
“Unable to Parse XML response from Mirror. See the log for more details”
what is going on?

            // We pass in true to add options to accomodate future needs of things like php versions to get properly zended
            // tarballs of the same version for modules that are zended.
            $all = $this->get_remote_contents("/all-" . $base_version . ".xml", true, true);
            if(!empty($all)) {
                try {
                    $parser = new xml2ModuleArray($all);
                    $allxml = $parser->parseAdvanced($all);
                } catch(\Exception $e) {
                    freepbx_log(FPBX_LOG_ERROR,sprintf(_("Invalid Response from Mirror server: %s"),$all));
                    throw new \Exception("Unable to Parse XML response from Mirror. See the log for more details");
            } else {
                $module_getonlinexml_error = true;

        $old_modules = array();
        $got_new = false;
        if(!empty($allxml['xml']['module'])) {
            $modules = $allxml['xml']['module'];
            $sql = "SELECT data FROM module_xml WHERE id = 'modules'";
            $old_modules = sql($sql, "getOne");
            if(!empty($old_modules)) {
                $old_modules = json_decode($old_modules,true)

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