Yum update broke my system

I feel really stupid posting this but maybe it will help someone else. I was recently building a new PBX server (using PBIAF 1.2) in my shop. After following all of Tom’s directions I could not seem to get a Digium TDM800p configured. I kept getting a failure when running genzaptelconf saying that /dev/zap (something or another) did not exist. In frustration I chose to do the update-source script that the NV folks provided. It took a while to run but completed without any errors whereupon I rebooted only to discover that I was connected to my office production PBX (which was running fine for a long time with FreePBX 2.4, *1.2, etc). Well it restarted and now nine out of ten sip extensions will not connect. The only one that connects is an Aastra 57i. All of the others are Polycom’s and they are no longer registered to this server!! I am presently troubleshooting this while trying to finish the new server install and prepare for another new install. So my message is - IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT. As an aside, if anyone knows an easy way out of this please post.

not to redirect but have you posted this in the PIAF forums?

Have you verified that the zaptel drivers are loaded and see the card, if not then asterisk and FreePBX will not. ztcfg -vv at the linux cmd line will output what it see’s.

I seem to remember there was some comments back a while ago that newer polycom updates broke some things until they were re-edited (i.e. set things back to some defaults you might have edited). but I don’t use PIAF or Polycom phones to be able to say what.

SWEET is all I have to say about Mondo Rescue. I just recovered my system with the ISO’s created by Mondo from two weeks ago. It took a while to load five CD’s but when finished it seems to be my old PBX again !!!

To answer your question fskrotzki, no I have not posted this on the PIAF forum but I will. And yes, of course I checked zaptel, etc. The strange thing is that my inbound and outbound trunks via zap, sip & iax was working fine. The only issue was that my sip phones would not register. The Aastra phone would register for 15 minutes and then drop. It seemed to be a routing problem. Unfortunately I did not have time to figure this out, I just had to take the shortest route to get it back operational. And Mondo was the answer.