YUM Repo -- Not Using FreePBX Distro

I am currently running a CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core) with both Asterisk v16 and Freepbx installed. When I originally setup my server I installed everything from scratch and source and its been working great for some time now. The issue I had / have is that in order to update asterisk – I need to rebuild from Source / scratch and honestly that is getting annoying. So I decided to try the following instructions in order to get away from building from source and move to a Repo update process with yum

After following the above – asterisk did appear to install / update to the latest version – however it was not running quite right –

One thing I noticed was that PJSIP did not get installed and so none of my phones or trunks would work – since that was not working – I did not really dig too deeply in what else might not be working

I then tried a yum install asterisk* (which appeared to state that PJSIP was installed and the latest) – followed by a yum install asterisk* --skip-broken (since a bunch of stuff was throwing off errors)

While this downloaded every sound file from every language – it still did not fix my asterisk

Ultimately – I downloaded and re-installed the latest version of asterisk 16 from source (16.7.0) which the yum update installed – had to run make install followed by make uninstall followed again by make install at the end of the process – then rebooted the server and it now looks like I got things back in order again (although I did loose my custom IVR recordings)

Anyway still after all that – since I do run quite a few asterisk instances – which were all built the same way – I would really like to get away from updates from source and onto a repo / yum update process

Can someone perhaps provide some guidance as to where I might have gone wrong or what I can do to use the repo you provide to keep my servers up to date


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