Yum Error will not die!


Tried Andy’s suggestion from a previous post:
yum clean all
yum upgrade -y

and I previously added to those 2:
yum reinstall kernel

Error is still there. Doesn’t appear to be causing any problems but it must mean something.

the remaining update is Phone Apps - commercial and I dont use it.

CLI twice says that another app is holding the yum lock and the other application is yum. Is that a normal thing?

Updated phone apps, status window looks to be stuck on updating Hooks


First things first: did you delete the “/var/run/yum.pid” file and rerun the commands?

After that, if Rest Apps is the one that’s hammering you, you could use the “fwconsole ma [command to delete or diable] restapps”. There’s a help option that you can use to get the actual syntax for whichever of the several delete or disable option you want to try.

I never knew to delete anything - I will try that this weekend.

EDIT: Topic closed so I couldn’t append. Something happened where the machine was unreachable over SSL or web interface so I was forced to hard reboot. Upon second (soft) reboot (first had users unable to dial out) all was restored to it former glory.

The module updates and the yum updates are two completely different things. Module updates don’t use yum, they just download tar.gz files and install the files from it. Yum updates actually update the system.

Force a reboot then use the GUI to check for module updates, then run system updates.

Why a reboot?

I’ve found that alot of errors can pile up when running the server thru multiple upgrades and such during one power up session.

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