Your thoughts: KVM (VM) suggested minimums (hosted PBX)

Hi SangomaOS team:

When using the latest SangomaOS.ISO …
When the PBX is hosted, and all phones are remote …
When there are less than 10 endpoints and a single SIP trunk …

Would: 2GB of RAM be the suggested minimum
Would: 32GB storage space be the suggested minimum
Would: 1 or 2 cores be the suggested minimum
Is using: SATA or SCSI (just not IDE) the best type of drive “type”

In the old days of using a hosted KVM and FreePBX 2.11 …
We could always use 1 GB RAM, 1 core, and 32GB HDD
Even using IDE as the drive type did the job just fine.

I think things have changed, and more RAM / cores are needed.

Thanks for any tips.

2GB RAM at minimum. Storage space will mostly depends on call recordings (on or off) and loca backups. I’d say 32GB just for the base system it’s OK but keep on eye on it.
2vCPU at minimum. Don’t think The virtual interface for disks will matter but just to have the ‘latest’ I’d go with SATA.
On current versions 1GB and 32GB on hard disks (I assume you have SSDs right now) can barely keep up with all the services running.


We use KVM builds on Solus you can take a look at the specs we recommend they run fine on these specs, however we remove a lot of the commercial modules when we build the image.


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