Your opinion please - Dedicated vs VPS

I use Vultr VPS instances for my freepbx instances. I have 10 of them. From time to time, sometimes more often than others, I have “crackling” noises and other times packet drops up to 5 or 6 seconds. This is not all the time.
Do you feel as though moving to a dedicated instance would help this situation to avoid “noisy neighbors” or am I looking in the wrong direction.

I have anywhere from 2 extension to 5 extension on each pbx.

Call volume is never more than 2 - 3 calls occurring on each pbx at any given moment

Each pbx has 1mb ram and 1 cpu

Do you have Static IP’s for your servers @ vultr?

Honestly, i would first document the times that there’s packet drops and work with vultr to resolve this issue.
You can try to setup one server with additional resources and see if these “crackling” noises still occur.

Also, it’s a good idea (of course with consent) to have calls recorded, like this you can listen to the audios yourself and confirm what the issue was.
We had once a client complaining that her headset is broken and she needs a new one because someone told her that she can’t hear her, with permission we replayd the recorded phone call which proved that we can hear her talking with no interruptions…

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Thank you for your input. Yes, we do have 1 static IP with each VPS. I did record my own calls and the 'crackling" seems to happen where I can hear it but the other party can not.

Still working on this. . . Just didnt’ know if people found dedicated to have less issues than VPS


from my experience there is not much of a performance difference from VPS to standalone VMs, as long as the VPS environment has enough resources available.

I’m old school - I was here the first time everyone went crazy for Virtual Machines, so my “fool me once shame on you…” bit is already set. (Shout out to my “IBM-360” brothers…)

I only use real hardware dedicated to the phone system. it doesn’t need to be “Enterprise Class” hardware, but I find that having a real computer running a real operating system managing my real Asterisk installation work very, very well for me.

The problem that I have isn’t that the hardware isn’t good enough, it’s that there are too many people “in the way” when you are running a system outside your network. Especially now that the Net Neutrality rules have been repealed, there are way too many people trying figure out a way to make a buck and they are more than happy to “help” you for a fee.

People love their VMs, and it’s a mystery to me why. Dedicate a machine to the project and just run it. I’ve never had a dedicated machine fail me in the long term, and I just avoid all of the politics and headaches of beating the hardware into submission.

Taking snapshots and going back to a former machine state is just tremendously helpful and makes admin life a lot easier.
An upgrade goes wrong? Than just go back to what it was before.


Also space, we do hosted PBX for multiple customers where I am at, and in my VPS environment alone we have 25 separate instances of FreePBX.

25 separate physical boxes make very little sense, heck the VPS host is a VM as well in our data-center.

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The original question was about an installation of two to five phones. Are you saying that he should set up a 25-server datacenter VPS for 5 phones? For a single instance, a single server is going to take up the same amount of space as a single server.

some of the systems in the VPS environment are of this scale, some are much larger (one has roughly 200 phones and growing) it is more dependent on how powerful the host is though.

Always add in the cost of hardware and electricity , at 15 cents a kw then anything more than 25 watts is likely more expensive than a 2.50 a month virtual machine. A cheap ebay Chinese spa3000 is about $30 , it can easily be used as a trunk for your mj or landline to your vm

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