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OK… Here is the issue. The client needs certain people to be rang by priority, gradually adding more people to the ring group/que until the call is answered, hold music being played all the while.

Scenario -
Inbound call should be answered by system, play greeting and ring Receptionist x101 for 20 seconds,
if no answer, ring receptionist and admin x102 for for 20 seconds,if still no answer ring x102, x102, x103, x,104

OK so obviously i could have 3 different ques, but that’s a bit convoluted. But using Find me follow me, rinagallv2 i can achieve Exactly what i want for inbound calls… by placing 101 and 102 in followme ringallv2, then dropping out to a que with 101, 102, 103, and 104.

THE ONLY PROBLEM is internal calls to 101 follow the same path… and hear hold music. Am i missing something or is there not a way to differentiate what happens when an internal call hit an extension as opposed to an external call? Is it possible outside the confines of FreePBX in extentions_custom.conf or something?

Thanks in advance

I would just use the 3 queues.

I’m thinking a Que with certain members having static penalties might do the trick? But i need a better understanding of penalties.

Generally, you only need queues if you have more callers than operators and want to keep callers waiting. This looks like a case for ring groups. Create ring Group 700 with memoryhunt ring strategy and list extensions 101, 102, 701#, set the ring time to 20 seconds and choose MOH instead of ringing. Create a second ring group 701 with a ringall strategy containing 103 and 104. The 701 ring group is called from the 700 ring group with 701# (the # is required). You may have to experiment with the MOH settings in ring group 701 to get it to work the way you want. Be prepared for a messy CDR, nested ring groups create a bunch of useless entries. Direct incoming calls to ring group 700 and reset your extension settings for the way you want internal calls to work.

easy peasy

Hmmm… I never thought of having a ring group call another ring group. The only problem i see with that is if 101 does not answer the call, 102 is rang but 101 will not ring again unless 102 does not answer and the call goes to the second ring group.

This is for a doctors office, (that multiple business are ran out of) so there are at times going to be many more calls that available agents. and the goal is to keep all the calls at the front desk unless needed to overflow.

This post describes exactly what i’m looking for, a ring group that “expands” the groups of extensions called based on time.

I’m testing penalties right now… but for some reason the second extension is rang immediately, regardless of what i have the penalty set to.

I’m going to mull your suggestion over… I could always do a ring group that in turn dials a queue. looks like there isn’t going to be a perfect way to make this happen, and i’m going to have to take a trade off

Some additional thoughts …

Carefully read the difference between hunt and memoryhunt ring strategies, I think you may be confusing the two. I’m not sure what happens when you combine a hunt style ring strategy and the “skip busy agents” option, some combination of those may hit the sweet spot. I’m also not sure what happens with memoryhunt ring strategy when one of the hunted extensions ends an active call midway through the hunt sequence, you will need to experiment a bit.

If at times you have more callers than operators (and you are not using voicemail) then you really do need to end up in a queue.

If it was a snake it would have bit me… Memory Hunt sure isn’t what i would name it… but the description seems to do just what i want… About to test now!


You were wrong. I didn’t have to read it.


Memory hunt dumping in a Queue upon no answer solved most of my problems. Now with the New Module the Fella’s at Schmooze just released… I’m about all set!


Thanks… lgaetz… I call my self reading all the descriptions, but that one i missed totally. I think i assumed by the name it was kinds like round robin with memory

I didn’t have to read it. I didn’t read it. I haven’t read it. I’m not going to read it.

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