Yet another "no audio from remote location" thread

My local clients (behind NAT) connects OK and have audio when calling internally and when answering and making external phone calls.

It would be great also to use our cell phones when connected to the Internet via WiFi so that we can save money when traveling. What I have done is this:

  • Set up port forwarding on my Asus RT-AC66u router (Merlin firmware):

  • Checked the rtp_additional.conf file, and the rtpstart and rtpstop are indeed set to 10000 and 20000.

  • Checked Asterisk SIP settings here:

  • I’ve tried stopping the iptables service and fail2ban services all together as I lack the knowledge to check the configuration, but that did not help either.

Everywhere I’ve read so far just states that you should forward the RTP ports and then be OK, but I feel like I’m missing still something.

Do you have the SIP ALG set in your router (or any SIP helper) if so turn it off.

Do you even see the traffic hitting the PBX (use sip debug or tcpdump)?

Wifi hotspots are tough. Why don’t you try from your home Internet with a softphone then work up to the disappointment and inconvenience of a SIP client over public wifi to save pennies.

I haven’t come across SIP ALG yet, but you are right:

… and that did the trick! Perfect! :smiley:

I didn’t test sip debug or tcpdump, but my phone app (Lindphone on Windows Phone) sent data but did not receive any.

And I think you misinterpreted my intention. The point of my escapades with FreePBX is not “saving pennies”.
The point is learning to set it up. We currently have an old PBX running in our office, and being the IT manager, I want options when this box bites the dust. But before that, I need to learn at least the basics of setting this stuff up. I’m no Linux guru at all, but that’s where the world is heading (and has been for a long time) when it comes to servers, so I have to learn that too.

I’ve looked into various PBX options, and I’ve nailed it down to FreePBX (because it seems to be one of the best supported options around) and 3CX (which is good, but pricey, and is running under Windows). I really want to learn FreePBX first and hopefully stick to that.

The last option is just buying a proprietary box, and get somebody to set it up. But that’s no fun… :wink:

The main problem for me with Linux in general and FreePBXs in particular is that there aren’t any good guides that explains what I need to know. There are some “… for dummies” guides, but they are more suited for my grandmother. And then there’s the heavy “I’m a hardcore sysadmin” guides. There’s nothing inbetween!