Yeastar TDM800 faulty or not -Solved-

Hi Guys

1st off, Great stuff with FreePBX!!

My problem:

I’m setting up a FreePBX system and got internal calling working.

Got a Yeastar TDM800 card with 1x FXO and 1x FXS daughter boards in PC but no success on getting it to work.

Noticed that the LED’s in the RJ11 ports don’t light up (red for FXO Green fro FXS), think the card might be faulty.

Does anyone here know when the LED’s light up?
e.g. On power up of system or only once the ports are configured.

Sent some mails to supplier and Yeastar to find out, but no reply for a couple of days. :frowning:


My luck, just got a reply from Yeastar support.

Lights come on after Drivers are installed.