Yealink w60B Recovery Files?

Hi there, I’m trying to follow this link

https ://

and this link

https ://

but the google drive link to the recovery files is not shared. Does anybody have access?
@sentinelace @sorvani do either of you guys still have the files or acccess to the drive?

thanks so much for any help you can provide.

I have no trouble accessing

even though I had never done that before. What error are you getting? Which file(s) are you trying to access?

Thank you for your very quick reply!

It says I need to request access to the drive.

I’m looking for the w60B files

Try these:


The forum seems to have a problem with the above links; have you been able to download?

# md5sum W60B*
23c814e5e4e5aab803c2a182d0209cde  W60B.bin
66fd78cb30e3e6a549989a95c797d834  W60B.rfs
29658368366b767bb2f1906a0160acf8  W60B.rom
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Thank you!! I got them. I’m going to give this a go.

? Is this something I posted a year ago? lol

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sure is! Thanks for replying though. I got it sorted. It’s good to have this info out in the open so these Verizon W60B’s don’t go to waste. Mine is working great now!

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