Yealink w52p openvpn

we have been able to get sangoma and the t4x series yealink phones to connect using openvpn but are unable to get the w52p to work. it connects and runs fine without the vpn, but will not connect using openvpn.

we thought it might be a local (to the phone) router issue and have tried a number of different routers, including ones that work with the sangoma and yealink t4x openvpn.

the yealink forums have virtually no activity about the w52p and openvpn.

has anyone out there managed to get the w52p to work on openvpn?

You can try the Yealink forum too:

i did and there is virtually nothing on it about openvpn and w52p. i do intend to post on it as well though

Here are a few posts:

I have made it work but I don’t use the Sangoma provisioned OpenVPN, I built it myself.
My only comment would be to make sure the phone is on recent firmware.