Yealink VPN from EPM

Do Yealink phones work with the VPN I configure in sysadmin and use in commercial EPM?
I just read that the new Sangoma phones do.
Yealink phones as well?

I’ll be curious to see how the new as Sangoma phones do VPN with EPM but I somehow doubt it.
The VPN set up in Sysadmin pro is a VPN client that connects to Sangoma support. I’m guessing that they have had to add quite a bit to make the Sangoma phones plug and play because the Yealinks never were.

If you need help setting up OpenVPN for yealink let me know.

angina phones will surely always be a pain, sometimes fatal :wink:

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I am running an openvpn server where my remote Yealink extensions are connecting to.
It works, but if that was integrated into FreePBX and I could create the client certs from the GUI, that would be preferable.
Just curious how that would work. Upon provisioning with EPM, would the openvpn.tar files be uploaded to the Yealink phone automatically?

I guess nobody can answer that but Schmooze itself.

Well I definitely I need it, there is a tutorial for starting with OpenVPN and FreePBX 13?

What phones are you using?

Grandstream normally, I would actually be able to use any phone behind a router openVPN I was thinking about that now supports Asus openVPN

I guess you want to use phones on remote networks connecting to your LAN where your Asterisk server sits, correct?
I am not sure how Grandstream handles VPN. Certainly you wouldn’t be able to use any phone to do that (unless you connect the whole two networks together). OpenVPN is supported by some phone manufacturers, but not all.
Remember, you have to create VPN client files that need to be uploaded to the phone, and each manufacturer wants them a bit different.
Now your Asus router supporting OpenVPN will only help you if it allows the creation of VPN files (usually .tar with keys, cfg and certs) the way your phone needs it. And the VPN on your router must allow access to your LAN, where your PBX sits.

You might have to run a separate vpn server on your LAN, where you can create those cert files, the way they are needed for your particular phone.
At least that is what I had to do with Yealink.

Ask Schmooze if all of this can be done from the GUI now for Grandstream phones.
If that is the case, all that your router needs to allow is outbound VPN sessions, which is likely it would. Some commercial grade firewalls don’t allow that for port 1194.

If you have several remote phones behind your Asus, you could use the VPN to connect network remote and Asterisk LAN, but not sure if that has security implications that you want to avoid.

the situation is different

my PBX in the cloud

PBX in the cloud and then load OpenVPN client behind the router mount a router OpenVPN

Then they go phones pointing to routerVPN that makes the VPN with the PBX in the cloud …

It should work you say?

I believe the vpn option will show up under extension mapping in EPM if the phone is supported. For example I have the option for my yealink phones but not for grandstream. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. I’m also curious how this would be implemented. I’m assuming the phone will have to be provisioned onsite to acquire the correct OpenVPN config from EPM.

FreePBX 13 now has an OpenVPN server option called VPN server in Sys admin besides the Support VPN. According to the documentation you should be able to provision VPN enabled phones via the EPM (The option is there for Yealink under extension mapping). I haven’t had a chance to test this but the option is there.

Very cool, any idea if it works on FreePBX 12?