Yealink T58V and T56x templates

Just updated EPM and dont see any new templates for the new Yealink phones. Are these available anywhere, or in the pipeline?

Not at this time. Yealink hasn’t added them to their certification contract with us yet. I would reach it to the and out pressure on them. Seems we have to do this Everytime they come out with new models.

Is there a way to upload them manually?

No you can’t.

Oh so you guys are typically waiting on yealink to do something when they release new models?

Yes as per our contract with them for certification.

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I see… I’m going to start bugging them from now on when EPM is lacking a yealink model.

Does Grandstream work the same way?

Yes, same with GS.

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I wonder if they are certified now and on the endpoint list …