Yealink T58A not an option in Endpoint

Has anyone been successful in auto provision this phone? I have one but there is no template in endpoint.

This have been gone over in multiple threads. When a manufacturer release new firmware or models of phones Sangoma just doesn’t rush and slam them into the EPM. The manufacturer has to have a partner agreement with Sangoma so they can validate the phone/firmware.

I know Polycom never renewed their partnership so new Polycom’s aren’t going to be in there (like the new VVX’s) but I’m not 100% on Yealink. They may have not renewed either.

But here’s the thing about Polycom and Yealink (and most phones) the configs are pretty much the same for the family series across all models. A Yealink T19E2-P has the same config as a Yealink T52G. The limitation is in the firmware and the hardware of the phone. So you can probably take an existing template and make the needed (if any) changes to have a basic template.

This list shows EPM supported models:

Yealink has chosen to have the T58V and T54S added, but not their other T5x models.

Well there you go, Yealink is still a partner but decided to not include that model. However, what I said still stands. Since the T58V and T58A are close to the same you could probably use that as your template with any needed tweaks you might need.

The new phones coming out have a different interface. Why would they choose this?

You must beseech the oracle at Yealink for such wisdom.

Please go look at and you can see that the T54S and T52S are both Linux OS while the T58V/A and T56A are Android OS. You’ll also see that the difference between the T54S and the T52S is firmware/hardware related such as 16 vs 12 lines with pretty much all other specs being the same.

It is the same case with the T58’s and T56. Their differences is in the hardware such as the amount of USB ports, if the screen is fixed or adjustable or does it come with a camera. Outside of that they are the exact same phone and just like all the other Yealinks that are using the same firmware releases they use the same configs.

The phones that are in the EPM are phones that have been tested and verified (for the most part) by Sangoma. The EPM allows you to create your own templates and upload your own firmware to use in the case the EPM doesn’t have them already there.

If you, and a bunch of other FreePBX users reach out to Yealink they might change their mind…

Define “a bunch”.

Depends on Yealink, I’d think. It also depends on who else they have commercial relationships with. They may not want the Asterisk market any more.

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