Yealink T58 not ringing for internal calls

I have an extension with a Yealink T58. When I call it from another extension, the incoming call shows on the display, but the phone does not ring.

However, I also have an inbound route (set with alert Info R2.) I set the inbound route to ring this (and only this extension) When I do that, the T58 does have an audible ring of ring tone 2.

I have also put this extension into a ring group; again no “Alert Info” in the ring group. Same results as calling this T58 from another extension; the incoming call displays on the screen, but there is no audible ring.

It seems as though if there is no “Alert Info” then the t58 will not audibly ring.

I also have a Yealink T48 on a different extension, and that extension does not have this issue. Seems more likely a Yealink issue than a FreePBX issue, but I am baffled.

More info:

I added “Alert Info” of R1 to the ring group. And put R1 in the text for Ringer 1 on the T58 web interface.

Now, when i call the ring group, this phone does have an audible ring of ring tone 1.

But when I call the extension directly, there is still no audible ring. But the incoming call does show on the display.

OK, Looked at web interface of T58 again. Found Settings->Preference and under Ring section, noticed that the silent.wav was set as the default ring tone?? Changed that to ring1.wav, and is working as expected now.

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